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Kayza Rose

BLM Fest is founded by Kayza Rose. It is a direct challenge to the ongoing marginalisation of Black communities and Black cultural expression. We believe Black creativity can and should be enjoyed by everyone and not treated as a niche market, as is so often the case in mainstream institutions and businesses.

BLM Fest is a celebration of Black lives, an invitation for everyone to take part and an exciting model of cultural production that fairly compensates Black people for their ideas, time and labour.


Our vision is for a future that celebrates Black lives, the breadth of the Black experience and centres the fusion of our many different cultural expressions.

We do this through platforming and amplifying Black achievement through an annual festival and year-round engagements, led and produced by Black people for everyone.

We are open about how we are funded, who we work with and what we deliver.

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BLM Fest is led and created by a Black woman, whose mission is to centre Black lives and Black voices in all aspects of the organisation.


We are an inclusive organisation focusing on different Black experiences and what we collectively agree on, while recognising there are socially determined differences that have shaped our lives.

We are committed to embedding care for Black people in all aspects of our work, recognising the history of inequality and injustice that continue to impact Black lives today.

Our work is shaped by Black people of a wide range of ages. We are here because of the contributions of those who came before us and the passion and energy of younger generations.

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