Highlighting the Black experience via the arts, activism, education, sports, joy, conversations and healing.


Our vision is for a future that celebrates Black lives.

BLM Fest redefines what you think about when you hear Black Lives Matter; providing a global platform to the voices, visions and aspirations of Black creatives, professionals, academics and others, working across different sectors and at every scale.
From those with an international following to grassroots activists, this work will create a global network of Black cultural producers and change-makers.


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Commonly asked questions answered here:

I’m White and have a Black child, can I come to Black Girls Picnic?

Black Girls Picnic is for Black women only. This is to ensure it remains a safer space for Black women.

If you don’t have any Black women in your life who could bring your child to the picnic, we can discuss your options as we don’t ever exclude Black children. (If your child has a Black parent, they’re Black.)

If you do have Black women in your life, please reflect on why you’d like to take up space in a space designed for Black women only.

I’m a White passing mixed race woman  who has a Black/ mixed Black parent, can I come to Black Girls Picnic?

Yes, if one or both your parents is Black, you’re very welcome.

I’m an Asian  person wanting to attend the festival but have seen I wouldn’t be able to attend Black Girls Picnic, I’m a little confused.

The festival is celebrating Black experiences and open to all. See you there! Black Girls Picnic is only for Black women so is closed to other identities.

I’m upset that I can’t attend some of your spaces because I’m not Black. Can you change it so that I can go because I’m a very nice person?